Highlights S2Q Mini Ball Head

Highlights S2Q Mini Ball Head (v.1 and v.2)

an ultralight and highly durable, CNC machined, anodised aluminium alloy mini ball head with an excellent max load (2 kg) to weight ratio ( v.1 = 42g, v.2 = 45g )

Highlights S2Q Mini Ball Heads



Product Code (v.1 / v.2) GPN-E0017
Main Material (Machining Process) Aluminium Alloy (CNC)
Thread / Interface 1/4"-20
Maximum Load 2 kg
Dimensions (Height x Base Diameter x Ball Diameter) 45 x 27 x 20 mm
Item Weight (v.1 / v.2) 42 g / 45 g
Price on SYSTEM £ 11.60

Available on SYSTEM


When we were testing mini ball heads for the Scrambler ultralight modular tripod the three stand-outs were Highlights' S2Q (version 1 & 2), Andoer's MT-04 and Innorel's B19. The Highlights S2Q was our top pick due to its excellent locking system, load handling and diminutive size making them an ideal match for our ultralight tripod.

However, some may find the S2Qs too petite (we certainly don't), so we offer a couple of chunkier (but still lightweight) alternatives in the Andoer MT-04 and Innorel B19.

S2Q-1 versus S2Q-2

There are two versions of the S2Q that are identical in every way except for their clamping screw. Version 1 uses a traditional screw knob and version 2 uses a ratcheted lever which is pulled out to clear the body of the ball head where it can be turned freely then ratcheted in steps.

Scramble's feedback was interesting. They preferred the screw knob version in general as for them there was less chance of it catching on anything and breaking, However, in winter they felt that the lever of version 2 was easier to operate with gloves.

Both S2Qs utilise Highlights' superior rear clamp design and both have a 2 kg max load (which should be plenty for our target user). The S2Qs are superbly machined, and though small (at just 45mm tall) they are durable and reliable and weigh a measly 42g (+3g for the version 2). The S2Q, in our opinion, is the ideal ball head for the Scrambler.

A Great Studio Accessory

We use two Highlights ball heads on a rail with our studio tripod, the Highlights E1 for the camera and S2Qs for LED lighting. The S2Qs make superb studio accessory ball heads for lights, mics, monitors and any other directional component you require in studio or on a rig.

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