Innorel B19 Mini Ball Head

Innorel B19 Mini Ball Head

a light and durable, CNC machined, anodised, aluminium alloy mini ball head with a 3kg max load ( 63g )

The Innorel B19 Mini Ball Head



Product Code GPN-E0003
Main Material (Machining Process) Aluminium Alloy (CNC)
Thread / Interface 3/8" (native) with 1/4" adapter
Maximum Load 3 kg
Dimensions (Height x Base Diameter x Ball Diameter) 50 x 27 x 19 mm
Item Weight 63 g (+1g for adapter)
Price on SYSTEM £ 11.80

Available on SYSTEM


When we were testing mini ball heads for the Scrambler ultralight modular tripod (a Scramble and GP-Net Media collaboration) the three stand-outs were Highlights' S2Q (versions 1 & 2), Andoer's MT-04 and Innorel's B19. The Highlights S2Q stands alone in terms of its weight-to-load handling, and though in our opinion it's the ideal companion for our tripod, some may find it too small and/or fiddly (though we don't) and may prefer something chunkier. Enter Innorel's B19 (though it's hardly a beast). 

Battle of the mini light "heavyweights": B19 vs MT-04

In terms of performance the Innorel B19 and the Andoer MT-04 mini ball heads are very much on a par, the differences are largely superficial; however for some strange reason Andoer are discontinuing their excellent MT-04 and so we thought we'd offer both while stocks last.

Some will prefer the all-black design of the B19 and some the silver and black of the MT-04.  However, it's not just looks, there are some minor differences between these two "heavy-weights" of the mini ball head world that are worth pointing out:

  • The Andoer has a native 1/4"-20 female threaded screw base fitting whereas the B19 allows for 3/8" screws and comes with a 1g 1/4"-20 screw adapter. When mounted via Feichao's dual cubic mount adapter, the B19's adapter can be dispensed with since a male to male connector is required anyway. So, with the Andoer you'd go for a 1/4" male to male; with the Innorel B19 a 1/4" male to 3/8" male converter would make the B19's complimentary adapter unnecessary (in our specific use-case).
  • The B19 weighs 63g on our scales (64g if you include the adapter), the Andoer weighs 64g and has no adapter.
  • The B19 has a removeable plate with a larger diameter than that of Andoer's MT-04 (the MT-04's plate and ball head is one piece).
  • The Andoer MT-04 has a chunkier and more grippy screw knob and a more rounded edge U-notch (for portrait style tilts).

Simply put, there's very little separating them - they're both superbly machined, durable and reliable ball heads. Both have a secure, 3kg max load (plenty for our target user) and both provide a single / simultaneous lock for ball head and panning base. Both weigh a touch under 65g (and thus came in under our max 70g limit).

Bottom line, for those that like their gear all black and sexy, and find the Highlights S2Qs a little too petite, go for the Innorel B19.

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