The Bogeyman Is Real

The Bogeyman Is Real

by aiP / 2017

Have you noticed there's always a bogeyman out there?

And have you noticed when its image begins to fade, another one soon takes its place
with a wicked face and grotesque form. So ominous you forget the one just gone
as though into the ether (from which, presumably, it gained its form).

And the media direct your attention to this new and present danger; terrifying thing - look, there!
And the public refocus their trance from the old to the new ... and stare.

There's always a bogeyman out there.
And the public purse must open wide ... wider still, until it feels like sacrifice;
afterall, it's not cheap defending "a way of life".

You see, if there wasn't a bogeyman, the public might become aware
Of that pathetic breed, you know, the ones you see on TV, dressed all formal, wearing Daddy's sombre frown (as though burdened somehow by the troubles of the world). The ones who regard the masses, as hapless and vague, an overgrowth of imbeciles, a pitiful, incompetent plague.
The irony of course is cruel, as this pathetic breed, the media call "the elite", would not last a single week of so-called normal life; that life designed to feel unsuccessfully lived, nor would they last a fleeting hour in those desolate and mangled worlds devoured solely to collateralise their myth:

Now open your purses nice and wide, or else mushroom clouds or genocide.

Until one day you realise,
that all along, you've been played.

"Ah, and the spectre disappears forever into the ether, like you say."

No, no! The bogeyman is real and lives within these very shores.
And the so-called elites, you allow to run the show,
are terrified you'll one day, open your eyes,
and with a clear, unblinkered view,
see that they're petrified of the bogeyman ...

Their bogeyman is YOU.