Pigs 'O' Warts & Hogs 'O' Snorts

Pigs 'O' Warts & Hogs 'O' Snorts

A Free-form Poem on War Torn Porn

by aiP / 2003

pigs 'o' warts and hogs 'o' snorts pokin' down the primal trough
can't seem to shake that cum-shot fake king of all reporters off
that Simpson of Kabul1 from his love-in Afghan quarters
is still invading capitals but to really cap it off,
he could pull that Ragged Omar2 off and let his ragtag cock get mauled
and balls blown off in friendly fire
and someday that grand uncle liar will turn his clogged up mind to why
this porn is worn and burnt as black as the rancid flesh they won't report
slave upon slave, their crusade for reportin' what they think they ought
is a ship 'o' pigs, the whole things rigged, it's porn, without the hard-on
what a duff piece of snuff we have gone and bought
the filthy stuff was a slushy mush
long before shock & awe made Ragged Omar mute
now all post war hardcore is S&M, black op snuff,
made by Kellogg, Brown & Root3


1 Simpson of Kabul = John Simpson (an English foreign correspondent. He has spent all his working life at the BBC. He has reported from more than 120 countries, including thirty war zones, and has interviewed many world leaders).

2 Ragged Omar = Rageh Omaar (a Somali-born British journalist and writer. He used to be a BBC world affairs correspondent, where he made his name reporting from Iraq).

3 Kellogg Brown & Root, now KBR, Inc. is an American engineering, construction, and private military contracting company, formerly a subsidiary of Halliburton. KBR and its predecessors have received many contracts with the U.S. military including during World War II, the Vietnam War, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.