SmallRig Universal Quick Release Adapter

SmallRig Universal Quick Release Adapter

a very lightweight, secure and stable vertical quick release adapter for gimbals, tripod columns and studio accessories made from aluminium alloy ( 38g )

The SmallRig Universal Quick Release Adapter



Product Code GPN-E0005
Main Material (Machining Process) Aluminium Alloy (CNC)
Thread / Interface 1/4" 20 (male / female)
Dimensions (Diameter x Height + Screw Height) 39 x 16.5 + 6 mm
Package Dimensions 65 x 77 x 40 mm
Item Weight / Package Weight 38 g / 56 g
Price on SYSTEM £ 15.80

Available on SYSTEM


When we were testing lightweight vertical quick release adapters to connect tripod bases (legs) to the column (extension rod) of our ultralight modular tripod ("the Scrambler", you can read more about the tripod here) we went through pretty much everything out there that weighed around 50g or less. The two items that stood out in terms of quality and stability were both gimbal quick releases from SmallRig and Zhiyun.

Many quick release systems are really intended for accessories (like mics, lights, monitors) that aren't capturing an image and thus can allow for a little play. However, for a tripod column any play / movement is amplified over the distance between the tripod base and the camera's sensor and in low light will cause motion blur.

The issue we had with Zhiyun's Transmount (aside from the name) was that a) it weighed a little more than the SmallRig and b) it required a pull (similar to removing a driver from a hex socket) to release / attach it, which is problematic when the item you're removing cannot be encompassed by your hand.

The problem with almost all of the competition

In terms of quality, stability and weight SmallRigs's aluminium alloy Universal Adapter was the clear winner. It's a simple, yet very well engineered item which doesn't rely on springs that weaken over time and instead uses a levered closure to provide a secure clamp. Should greater security be required a simple twist of the top plate will lock it in place. In use, for our purposes we've never required the additional twist.

SmallRig's Universal Quick Release Adapter

SmallRig's Universal Quick Release Adapter (BSS2714) is designed for quickly attaching mini tripods and monopods to gimbals and other camera accessories.

The adapter has a 1/4" 20 male/female thread interface and is compatible with most camera and studio accessories. As the name suggests the point of the SmallRig adapter is to save time screwing and unscrewing parts of a system, enabling instead their, simple yet secure, quick attachment and release. The SmallRig adapter is useful for a range of items which are connected and disassembled often, such as monitors, lights, microphones, cages etc.


Any gimbal or camera accessories that feature a 1/4"20 female thread on the bottom as well as the following ...

  • Zhiyun Crane V2/Plus/Crane 2/Crane3/Weebill Lab/Weebill-S
  • DJI Ronin-S / Ronin-SC
  • Moza Air 2/AirCross 2


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