Scrambler Ultralight Modular Tripod Leg #4

Scrambler Ultralight Modular Tripod Leg #4

an optional extra lightweight leg for added stability on sloping ground and as a "lean-to" support for steep and/or rocky terrain ( 40 - 45g )

The Scrambler UL Mountain Trek Tripod - Modular Leg #4


Recommended Component List

Manufacturer // Product Code / SYSTEM Page Weight Price
FEICHAO // Cold Shoe Mount 1/4" Screw (no stop) GPN-E0011 10 g £3.85
FEICHAO // Cold Shoe Threaded Adapter (silver) GPN-E0012-SR-N0 6 g £2.95
FEICHAO // 1/4" Female to 3/8" Female Knurled Nut Adapter (black) GPN-E0014-FF1438 8 g £1.95
FEICHAO // 1/4" Male to 1/4" Female Knurled Nut Adapter (black) * GPN-E0014-MF1414 6 g £1.95
GENERICS // M6 Aluminium Alloy Washers (2mm x 2) GPN-E0006-AW2 0.35 g £0.55
GENERICS // M6 Rubber Washer (1.5mm) GPN-E0006-RW1 0.1 g £0.25
BEXIN // Stainless Steel Short Tripod Spike (38mm, 1/4") GPN-E0016 13 g £1.55

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Initially when Scramble gave us the brief to create an ultralight tripod for extreme outdoor use (long distance mountain trekking, climbing, scrambling etc.) our initial thought was that there had to be a good flexible tripod base upon which to build.  As we looked into it, we found that good quality bases with flex legs (just the legs and a 1/4" male screw) almost always started at around 200g (way too heavy).

Once you abandon flexible legs, you have to solve the issue of uneven ground. The ideal ultralight base for the Scrambler is Novoflex's Micropod whose legs slot into sockets (they're not hinged), which means they can support leaning without collapsing. In reality, Scramble solved their own problem when their editor informed us that "it would be perfect, if it could just lean against stuff".

So, we found a range of lightweight components and made a 4th Leg (or arm) and settled on a cold shoe mount as a quick release. Leg #4 provides the Scrambler with a very stable base when set horizontally and allows it to lean into an incline on steeper terrain or among rocky outcrops.

Modular Leg #4 with two knurled nut adapters

Leg #4 and the tripod base (there are a number of candidates) both detach via quick releases (Leg #4 uses a cold shoe, so a quick twist and slide removes the leg) and each take up very little space in a pocket, pouch or belt bag.

Also worth noting, is that anything with a 1/4"-20 male screw fitting can be screwed either directly into the Cubic Mount or into the Female to Female Knurled Adapter (taking the place of the spike). We've used a flexible arm for use around the city and it worked as well as a flexible tripod would (gripping round railings and such).

Leg #4 Components

* The illustration below is a minimal set-up.  We recommend an additional knurled adapter (as pictured above), the Feichao 1/4" Male to 1/4" Female Knurled Nut Adapter (8g) to go between (3) and (4) pictured below to add length to the leg. This allows the tripod to be almost perfectly horizontal when laid flat with Leg #4 acting as a third leg on a wider base (if that makes sense):

Modular Leg #4 : Components

Leg #4 is quickly attached to the main tripod column via a cold shoe mount.

Modular Leg #4 mounted on the Feichao Dual Cubic Mount

You can find out more about the Scrambler tripod here.


Lasted updated: 01/06/22