I Don't Know Why

I Don't Know Why

by aiP / 2011

Anyone with a bowl of rice can see
Things are never going
Back to how they used to be.

I hear things are moving …
Things are moving at the top.
And I don’t know what the top is,
Or where it is;
But I heard things
… are moving.

And there’s a race to the bottom.
Where things stagnate and suffocate.
And people get cold and hungry;
Dig under pavements
And hide under skies - not so … friendly
… more … ominous now.

And that’s the way, they say,
The future’s going to be.
That’s the way, they say,
The future’s got to be.

But I don’t see any part in this
For people … like you or me, really.
I don’t see any … joy.

I think things can be different …
But right now I don’t know why.