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GP-Net Media Updates

JUNE 2022

GP-Net Media's Studio site has been moved and renovated. There are two filtered sections: work (published under a Creative Commons license) and audio / photo-video products (available on our SYSTEM store).

GP-Net Media have, for the past 18 months been working with Scramble (especially their editor) to put together an ultralight modular tripod. Scramble have been testing beta versions for the last year and a bit and GP-Net Media are now releasing a final version as a build-it-yourself (and/or buy just the components you need) kit.

JUNE 2020

As part of the re-organisation of GP-Net Media we've moved most of the admin stuff (including privacy and copyright policies) over to the Info Section on (GP-Net Services' website). We still host the SYSTEM store, but eventually this will also move over to GP | HQ.

For anyone trying to find the DAR Auto Rating Algo for foobar2000, that's been moved into Studio. You can find it here.