Massa Wide Angle Metal Lens Hood & Push Cap

Massa Low Profile Metal Lens Hood & Push Cap: Wide Angle

prevents flaring / washed out images from indirect harsh light while protecting your lens' front element. negates the need for protective filters and maximises your lens' potential

Massa's Wide Angle Low Profile Metal Lens Hood & Push Cap



Product Code GPN-E0019
Material (Machining Process, Treatments) Aluminium Alloy (CNC, Anodised)
Thread / Interface Standard filter thread
Lens Hood Inner Diameters (37-W / 46-W / 58-W) 57 / 66 / 76 mm
Push Cap Outer Diameters (37-W / 46-W / 58-W) 63 /  73 / 82 mm
Protrusion Depth, when fitted to lens 17 mm
Total Weights (Hood + Push Cap, see product images) 25 / 30 / 38 g
Price on SYSTEM (introductory 20% off) £ 21.50 - £23.00   £17.20 - £18.40

Available on SYSTEM


The purpose of the MASSA Lens Hoods & Push Caps is to: 

  • maximise image quality by protecting against strong indirect light causing flaring and/or washing out the image and by keeping precipitation clear of the front element to prevent unwanted image blurring.
  • provide protection for the front element of the lens by keeping the front element recessed and out of harm's way. Furthermore, when a push cap is secured to a lens hood (rather than the lens itself), there is almost zero possibility that the cap can interact with the front element of the lens. This high level of protection negates the need for UV or clear protective filters which slightly degrade the native optics of the lens. Without a filter, the amount light reaching the camera's sensor is maximised.
  • achieve these objectives with as little impact on the lens' compact form factor as possible.

For more on why these lens hoods and lens hood caps were made, who they're for and who they're not suitable for and our partnership with MASSA please see our companion piece "Low Profile Metal Lens Hoods and Push Caps".

Specification & Outline

The Wide Angle (W) lens hoods are suitable for lenses with a (35mm equivalent) focal length of between 24mm and ~40mm, i.e. covering the standard street photography range.

These are currently available for 37mm, 46mm and 58mm filter threads.

The lens hoods and push caps are light yet very strong and made from CNC machined anodised aluminium. They feature discrete branding and product codes on the inside of the lens hood cap and the outer rim of the lens hood. When the cap is in place, little to no branding is visible. The product codes make it easy to identify which cap goes with which hood.

For a complete specification of each model please refer to the images below.

Product Images

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