Koss KSC75 Compatible Parts Express Headband

KSC75 Compatible Parts Express Headband

Koss KSC75 compatible headband by Parts Express for Koss and Yuin clip-on headphones. Improves bass response, overall sound and comfort.

The Parts Express Mini Stereo Lightweight Headphones (Minus Crappy Drivers)



Product Code GPN-E0001
Materials: Steel / Plastic
Item Weight 9 g
Price on SYSTEM £ 4.50

Available on SYSTEM


No one buys the "Parts Express Mini Stereo Lightweight Headphones" because they sound good (they're terrible); they buy them for the excellent headband. It's super-light, comfortable, surprisingly robust and most importantly it's compatible with a number of very good clip-on headphones:

  • Koss KSC75
  • Koss KSC35
  • Koss Porta Pro
  • Koss Sporta Pro
  • Yuin G1A
  • Yuin G2A

The headband improves the bass response and overall sound of these headphones by adding a very slight clamping pressure to the drivers, and eliminates the fuss of fitting the clips on the ear.