Egg Juice

Egg Juice

by aiP / c.2002

Egg juice, lung juice
All kinds of head juice
Leg juice, lip juice
Running on a head juice
Hip juice, tit juice
With-little-bits-in-it juice

You get …

All kinds of juices at this university

Tap tap … tappin’ away
How many words did you write today?
10,000 words and not one more
Just what the doc was asking for
And when I quote what he has wrote
And when I read what he has read
He invites me round for bed

Bed juice, head juice
Let’s be getting’ wed juice
Children up ahead juice
Death gauge retirement age
Comfortable old people’s cage

You get

All kinds of ages at this university

Thinking, thinking, further away
We measured this, but of that, we can’t say
When he felt sad the sky turned grey
His grey! Not our grey
Compare and contrast
His with ours …

Well, you get all kinds of grey at this university

Square juice and circle juice
Jumpin’ through the hoop juice
Re-appraised, re-assessed
Passed the flying colours test:

British Standard Head Juice
Bully Beef the Best Juice
Eggs ahead of the rest juice
And that includes The School
of the Chinese Ancient Headed Nest Juice

Well, you just do, don't you ...

Get all kinds of juices at this university