Feichao Ultralight Low Profile Arca Swiss Quick Release Plate

Feichao Ultralight Arca Swiss QR Plate

an extremely lightweight and low profile Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate made from CNC machined aluminium alloy ( 10g )

The Feichao Ultralight Arca Swiss Quick Release Plate



Product Code GPN-E0010
Main Material (Machining Process) Aluminium Alloy (CNC)
Thread / Interface 1/4"-20 / Arca Swiss
Dimensions (L x W x H) 38 x 25 x 4 mm
Item Weight 10 g
Price on SYSTEM £ 4.95

Available on SYSTEM


For some of the sections of the Scrambler ultralight modular tripod (a Scramble and GP-Net Media collaboration) we offer a number of options. However, this is not the case when it comes to both of the camera quick release components: the Selens SC-22 was by far the best of the lightweight clamps and the Feichao ultra-thin Arca Swiss plate (which often appears re-badged under other brand names) was its ideal partner.

Feichao: Keeping A Low Profile

Feichao are not as well known as most of the manufacturers we source components from. In many ways they go under the radar because, a) they manufacture for other brands, b) they chose not to use a western sounding name (like SmallRig or Camvate), and c) their focus is clearly on manufacturing rather than marketing. However, they're a major player in CNC machining, 3D printing, underwater and drone photography. We went with Feichao for most of our accessories - two in particular stood out: the excellent Dual Cubic Mount and their ultralight Arca Swiss plate.

If there is a lighter Arca Swiss plate, we've not seen it (and we looked long and hard). In addition because these plates are so narrow (25mm) they often don't obscure access to battery compartments and their ultra-low profile (4mm thick) makes it far easier to slide a camera into a dry/belt bag like Lowepro's AW100 (as used and modded by Scramble's editor).

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