Statins - The Drug That Helps You "Grow Older Faster"

Doctors have been deceived by the pharmaceutical industry (with fraudulant statistics, "lost" side effect data, controlling the peer review journals, buying the regulators ... all the standard malfeasance) into believing that statins are a wonder drug. So, now they're being dished out like smarties to anyone with a pulse, including pregnant women (regardless of the drug's Class X status, not the only similarity they share with Thalidomide) to the point where now 1 in 4 Americans over the age of 45 are on statin medication. Statins of course, are a wonder drug for the pharmaceutical companies, at least until the class action lawsuits come flooding in; they are though an insidious timebomb for the unwitting "patients" to whom they are prescribed.

Mercola's interview with MIT's Dr Stephanie Seneff is the most lucid, clear and condensed outline I've come across regarding statin medication. If you are interested in statins, how they work and their effect on the body, or you have a broader interest in the pharmaceutical industry and its methods, this interview is a real treasure.

The introduction is rather poor however and doesn't add anything, so I've skipped it, the video starts as Seneff begins her surgical dissection of this blockbuster "wonder drug". If you're in a big rush, jump to around 24 mins in, but I highly recommend watching it through to the end.

So, as Lou Reed once put it, here's what 'Stephanie Says':