A Virus IS a "Self-Spreading Vaccine"

SARS-CoV-2 is an easily treatable virus with early off-the-shelf interventions (meaning COVID-19 "vaccine" Emergency Use Authorisations, predicated on the falsehood that no effective treatments exist, are essentially null and void).

Once treated, those who've had the virus will likely have long lasting immunity (memory B and T cell cross-reactivity with SARS-CoV-1 indicate "this type of immunity can last for at least 17 years").  In a sense one can think of such viruses as "self-spreading vaccines"; afterall, they spread themselves and confer immunity to the infected (read: "innoculated").

Dangerous goons in the bio-medical / bio-security world like to think of themselves as mother nature's superior and create documents like: "Technologies To Address Global Catastrophic Biological Risks" [PDF] - Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security [see Executive Summary, p.7 and pages 41-56].

From p.41 - "Medical Countermeasure Distribution, Dispensing, and Administration":

For example, during the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic, as the new vaccine became publicly available slowly over time, health departments in the United States and health ministries internationally had difficulty reaching and vaccinating high-priority and vulnerable populations. In the United States, only 34% of people in initial priority groups and 29% of adults at high risk were vaccinated. Internationally, the average national vaccine coverage rate was only 13%.

In a truly severe pandemic or GCB event in which vaccines are available, vaccination coverage would need to be much higher than it was in 2009 in order to make a meaningful difference in controlling or stopping spread of the disease.

TRANSLATION:   How do we bypass vaccine hesitancy, those pesky vaccine safety advocates, the Nuremberg Code and informed consent?

Self-spreading vaccines are genetically engineered to move through populations like communicable diseases, but rather than causing disease, they confer protection. The vision is that a small number of individuals in a target population could be vaccinated, and the vaccine strain would then circulate in the population much like a pathogenic virus, resulting in rapid, widespread immunity.

Self-spreading vaccines have been in the works for some time:

We have the technology and strangely we're having many reports of people getting symptoms of vaccine injury after spending time around vaccinated people. Enough to raise some eyebrows in the research community (see the Jaxxen Report @ 42:50 on mRNA "vaccine" shedding - and note the trial concerns expressed by Pfizer).

In 2020 the Daily Express (strangely) published this story: Coronavirus cure: Scientists plan bizarre 'self-spreading vaccine' to fight pandemic.

Ominously, at the end of the article, there was the following reminiscence:

Historically this weaponising of the "self-spreading" vaccine technique has already been considered and possibly developed. South African scientists developed an anti-fertility vaccine to target certain populations during the apartheid era. The sinister research was codenamed Project Coast.

South Africa’s post-apartheid Truth and Reconciliation Commission was informed by the scientists behind the research the project was in line with the World Health Organization’s attempts to control the global population boom.

It's an interesting area of research and no one really knows what these "vaccines" are doing and what they're capable of.  What we do know, is that in conjunction with synthetic mRNA "vaccines", the work on Self-Spreading Vaccines ran in parallel and they are clearly not something in our future, but rather a technology of the present.

Are they part of the current mass experiment? Who knows?  Or perhaps WHO knows.