Welcome to GP Audio

GP Audio provides music publishing, editing, mastering services to GP-Net and its clients, as well as offering a concise audio guide to the general public. GP Audio is also the creator of the DAR Auto Rating algorithm for foobar2000.

If you'd like to contact us please do so via the main contact page on GP-Net.

The "wiki" section of the site is split into 3 main sections:

PLAY:  managing a digital music collection

-- Transfer, Encode, Tag, Gain, Play, Summary

RECORD:  digital recording, editing, mixing & mastering

-- Routing, Audio Capture, Mixer, Soundcard, Record - Master, Effects, Summary

PAUSE:  audio analysis

-- Analysis Applications & Plugins, DADA Auto-Rating for foobar2000



  • June 2016: Major site upgrade inline with GP-Net's new look
  • April 2015: DADA Auto Rating 2.0.1 released
  • October 2013: Site ported to PHP via GetSimpe CMS (great software!)