About Studio

Studio is the workplace and showcase of the artist aiP, whose work includes images, text and audio of many kinds. At present the audio portion of the work is being processed and will be uploaded over time. Meanwhile, in its place we've put a little "radio playlist" of some highly rated music (well ... highly rated according to the DAR algorithm, see below). 



SYSTEM provides shopping cart, order processing / fulfilment, and customer service for GP-Net and its partners. By separating the shopping cart from the showroom, SYSTEM allows independent retailers, manufacturers and artists to simply showcase their products on their own websites, in clean and uncluttered environments which they control and can configure as they please.


About GP Audio

GP Audio provides music publishing, editing, mastering services to GP-Net and its clients, as well as offering a concise audio guide to the general public. GP Audio is also the creator of the DAR Auto Rating algorithm for foobar2000.


About Controller

Controller focuses on the supply, nature and control of energy, money, food, water, medicine and information, while keeping a third eye reserved for monitoring scientific fields, especially when they have ceased to be very scientific.