Quick Summary

About GP-Net

GP-Net is a suite of four inter-related sites: Studio, Controller, SYSTEM and GP Audio. These are served by two admin areas: Office and the section you're in now, Information. More details on the individual sites is available on the About page.

Contacting GP-Net

You can email us from the footer of most pages. For more contact options visit our contact page. For matters related to the gp-net SYSTEM shop, please use their contact form. If you'd like to leave us any comments, suggestions etc. please visit our feedback page.

Copyright, Permissions & Attribution

All work on GP-Net is the copyright of The majority of the work is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. For more information on copyright, permissions and attribution visit the copyright page, or here, if you just need some attribution HTML code.

Image Links

Not all the image locations in the Studio Galleries are permanent. To ensure links to our images do not break, please follow our guidlines for linking to images and best practice for attribution required under the CC license.

Navigating the GP-Net Sites

The GP-Net sites function best with javascript allowed (the top-right hover menu requires JS). However, navigation is possible without JS. In most cases the GP-Net logo will take you to the main menu; there are handy quick links in the footer and each section has its own simple menu. GP-Net is a much larger site than it seems at first glance, for some handy tips on jumping around the site visit our navigation guide.